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***Trap Setting Instructional Videos in photo gallery above***

***Using the 2-piece setting tool is highly recommended. Please see video in photo gallery above***

**Using a Hori Knife or similar tool (NOT A GARDEN TROWEL) will help keep tunnel excavation and disturbance to a minimum and yield best results**

The Mole Reaper trap is a modified talpex-type trap. Made of galvanized steel, this trap has several design changes that many trappers prefer over the genuine Talpex.  

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Abbott
Great traps and customer service!

I am having consistent catches with these after some help by text with Tony. He is very helpful and the mole reaper works great when properly set.

Chris Rhoads
Awesome all around!

Outstanding to work with and definitely will do it again! This is a one-stop shop for both Professional mole trappers and the person whom will want to start!

Mole Reaper is > than Victor

I recently purchase 6 barrel traps, 4 mole reaper traps, and 4 trapline traps. Between June 8th and the 14th I caught 10 moles. This is the best catch rate I've had. The barrel traps caught 6, the reapers caught 3, and the trapline traps had 1. The property where I'm working has very sandy soil. I was able to place all three traps and keep the tunnels clean. Aside from using a spoon to clean the tunnel, after placing the trap I first covered it with matted grass clippings then a layer of dirt. Especially with the reaper traps, the grass clippings helped keep the tunnel clean and the dirt over the top filled any gap in the clippings and blocked out the light.

Tony's videos introduced me to this concept of keeping the tunnel clean. I'd never heard or seen this before. Aside from a few years of experience most of my knowledge on this topic had come from watching other people's videos. Most will dig the hole, place the trap, and pour a heap of dirt back into the hole. To make things worse I had previously been stomping all the tunnels down, just leaving the space with the trap not completely crushed. I wouldn't recommend stomping tunnels in most situations. Moles move slower when they are digging and are less likely to trigger a trap. You want them to move freely through the tunnels and run into the trigger without hesitation.

I've previously used the Victor Out O'Sight Mole Trap and the DK-1 Gopher trap. The Victor traps were all purchased in 2022. All of them have the weaker spring and are made of a lighter material that wasn't used until 2021ish. The Victor and DK-1 traps are inferior for mole catching compared to the offerings on this site. Much of the improved success I've had can be attributed to the clean tunnel idea, but these traps support that idea. The barrel traps, reapers and especially traplines require a smaller hole, leave the tunnel cleaner and are easier to set the trigger's sensitivity.

Buy some traps. Watch the videos. Clean the tunnels. Kill the moles.

Mr. Guest Last Name
Great traps & Service

Tony is running a great business and has some awesome traps. Any questions during trapping he is always quick to respond!!!